You know who I am? I'm Spider-Man

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A few days back I checked my messages on MySpace, and out of the pile of messages one stuck out to me. We all love him and know him as, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He invited me to take a look at his profile page on MySpace. What a trip that was, his page is filled with videos, which are all comic related.  These videos star him, and some videos have special guests. I chose the above Video to showcase because as I was watching that particular video, well, Spider-Man had me rolling with Laughter.

 Just like the original Spider-Man, no one knows what hides beneath his Spidey suit. Maybe his red head wife or relatives may have seen him exposed, but for the rest of us, it remains a mystery.

Do you remember the women that tell the news in nude? Well, if you don’t, you should Google it. Anyway, this kind of reminds me of the same concept, which is telling the news with a twist.  However instead of local news, Spider-Man hosts “The Daily Bugle”.  And ladies our Spidey has clothes on!

Spider-Man   gives us the inside scoop to the “New York Comic Con 2009”. And we even get a look at the Bat mobile.  Wait, wait, there’s more. Spiderman speaks about Stan Lees,”Election Daze” and President Obama’s fixation with Spider-Man comics.  He has segments going back 11 months ago. You are bound to find one that tickles your fancy. He’s entertaining and his topics appeal to all ages. What are you waiting for? Go check it out at The Daily Bugle


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