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My conversation with Julie Newmar

Saturday, March 13, 2010 0 comments

Julie Newmar
by Melanie C. Jordan
Today was yet another day, filled with learning experiences. I spoke to Julie Newmar to cover an interview I was doing for my online magazine. Many of her fans that I spoke to look at her as a sex object. Ok, this I can understand she is a sex kitten,”Purrrrr”! But, after speaking to her today and throughout the week something inside of me woke up.  Julie has shared with me a piece of her soul and who she is. When I say who she is, I’m talking about her soul, not her physical appearance. I never in my lifetime spoke to anyone that was at peace with their being and as humble as Julie. She was filled with so much confidence and a sensuous edge that it truly blew me away.
A friend of mine Tom Filsinger who is also friends with Julie said to me,” You are both Goddesses, you have that in common.”  This statement was obviously a beautiful thing to say, however the truth behind it unfolded in this beautiful conversation with Julie today. I felt the connection with Julie and me, right away. She made me feel so comfortable and brought out my confidence as we spoke. And as we continued our conversation, I too felt peace within myself. I too found the Goddess in me that was hiding for many years. Julie’s humble spirit gave out a radiant energy that reflected into my soul and heart.  I will carry our conversation within my heart, for years to come.
Did you know that Julie has a DayLily and Rose named after her? Well, she does, and I don’t know about you but, when she told me about this I was in awe.  My favorite poem is written by Robert Frost, “The Rose Family”. There is a point I’m making here. I’m a big believer in that, everything happens for a reason. With that said what better poem to dedicate to Julie then “The Rose Family”.
The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But the theory now goes
That the apple's a rose,
And the pear is, and so's
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only knows
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose -
But were always a rose.
 She loves her Garden, and people from all around the country gather to Julie’s garden to view nature’s nectar.  I feel Julie’s garden represents who she is.; beautiful floral, sensuous scents, erotic limbs and a spiritual aura that pulls you in.
Yes, yes we spoke about her Cat Woman days; however you have to read the interview in which will be launched April 1, 2010.
I stated in the opening of this story that I have learned a lesson. Well, I have and that lesson is to embrace what I have and enjoy being a sensuous woman. I learned to love each curve that my body forms and that age is just a number. Each year that flies by me, as Julie stated,” I get Better”! She also stated," Never use the word “age”.  What you think you become.  Only think of age as sweetening your life."  Julie has changed the way I look at myself in a positive light. I am forever thankful. 
Julie, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are and always will be the Cat’s Meow!