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My conversation with Julie Newmar

Saturday, March 13, 2010 0 comments

Julie Newmar
by Melanie C. Jordan
Today was yet another day, filled with learning experiences. I spoke to Julie Newmar to cover an interview I was doing for my online magazine. Many of her fans that I spoke to look at her as a sex object. Ok, this I can understand she is a sex kitten,”Purrrrr”! But, after speaking to her today and throughout the week something inside of me woke up.  Julie has shared with me a piece of her soul and who she is. When I say who she is, I’m talking about her soul, not her physical appearance. I never in my lifetime spoke to anyone that was at peace with their being and as humble as Julie. She was filled with so much confidence and a sensuous edge that it truly blew me away.
A friend of mine Tom Filsinger who is also friends with Julie said to me,” You are both Goddesses, you have that in common.”  This statement was obviously a beautiful thing to say, however the truth behind it unfolded in this beautiful conversation with Julie today. I felt the connection with Julie and me, right away. She made me feel so comfortable and brought out my confidence as we spoke. And as we continued our conversation, I too felt peace within myself. I too found the Goddess in me that was hiding for many years. Julie’s humble spirit gave out a radiant energy that reflected into my soul and heart.  I will carry our conversation within my heart, for years to come.
Did you know that Julie has a DayLily and Rose named after her? Well, she does, and I don’t know about you but, when she told me about this I was in awe.  My favorite poem is written by Robert Frost, “The Rose Family”. There is a point I’m making here. I’m a big believer in that, everything happens for a reason. With that said what better poem to dedicate to Julie then “The Rose Family”.
The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But the theory now goes
That the apple's a rose,
And the pear is, and so's
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only knows
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose -
But were always a rose.
 She loves her Garden, and people from all around the country gather to Julie’s garden to view nature’s nectar.  I feel Julie’s garden represents who she is.; beautiful floral, sensuous scents, erotic limbs and a spiritual aura that pulls you in.
Yes, yes we spoke about her Cat Woman days; however you have to read the interview in which will be launched April 1, 2010.
I stated in the opening of this story that I have learned a lesson. Well, I have and that lesson is to embrace what I have and enjoy being a sensuous woman. I learned to love each curve that my body forms and that age is just a number. Each year that flies by me, as Julie stated,” I get Better”! She also stated," Never use the word “age”.  What you think you become.  Only think of age as sweetening your life."  Julie has changed the way I look at myself in a positive light. I am forever thankful. 
Julie, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are and always will be the Cat’s Meow!

What are they saying about Melanie Jordan as a writer and journalist?

Friday, January 22, 2010 0 comments
What are they saying about Melanie Jordan as a writer and journalist?

"Working with Melanie was fantastic. As a journalist she came to the interview prepared and ready to get to the meat of the story. I found myself trusting her and finding her fair as well as very thorough. The resulting written interview was accurate and hit all of the points I made without a lot of fluff". – Artist, Chuck Carter

“So often I get interviewed by people who don't do the research, ask the same cookie cutter questions, and basically make me write the interview for them. Not so with Melanie Jordan, who does her homework and made my interview experience a great one.” –  Cartoonist, Chris Moreno

“I really enjoyed the interview and was incredibly impressed by your research”
-  Author and President to Filsinger games and Publishing,Tom Filsinger

“You Rock!”  - Screen writer, Jeff Vintar

“You asked me the best questions. I have always hoped a journalist would ask me these questions for a very long time but they never did. You are the best! You kept the interview short and asked the million dollar questions, It’s amazing how you write, you are truly SoulfulPen, it suits you perfect”
-  Artist, William Rivera

“Thank you for asking the questions that you asked. They are creative and interesting...not the same old generic ones...not that I'm complaining, mind you...I will gladly answer any questions that I am asked, but I particularly enjoyed yours! So on behalf of artists and art lovers everywhere...thank you! Your passion is a great gift to us”    - Artist, Marchella

“You are amazing! Stay Cool. Really good questions, no joke, your questions were very sincere”-Artist, Chor boggie

"I was honored to see such beautiful written work"
- Artist, Romero Britto

"I can't express enough how impressed I was with your written style"
- Artist, Sid Daniels

“I thought it was cool that you wanted to know what the symbolism was in my work. I usually get asked a vague general “what does it mean. Made me feel like you were genuine” – Artist, Steven Daily


This was written 2007
by Melanie C. Jordan

Justifications of dark expiations
isolations of flesh on flesh
cats in heat as we fuck btwn the sheets
Of my undesired fabrications of truth
this love that I disengage before every man that I straddle
I became lost in a devotion of tears
The Ocean opens up before me
leaves me drowning
gasping for air

Justifications that I conquer in my visions
Visualizing a man that truly respects a woman's soul
You see I'm a sensitive creature on the prowl
looking for a soul mate
not just a place to rest my head for a while
This needing desire to find my prince
has me bellowing within expiations
leaving this woman  feelings of loneliness

Drastic notions of gathering demons
Ejaculations of false statements leave me solo

POL: Prisoner Of Love

Writtin this piece in: October 31, 2007

Prisoner of love

captavated by his unloved ways
his countless invisiable gestures
leave me breathless


you cant undertand this love that radiates from my heart
you cant understand these bars that surround my soul
im lost in a merry go round
these circles have me going dizzy

im a lost soul
a lost soul of love
caged in these walls of lost devotion
You think I dont realize the loose ends of this love affair that I play solo
You think I dont realize the bridges I burnt
for his love

You think Im selfish

a Bitch

a cold hearted woman that cares for nothing more then his love

maybe your right

but whos to say whats right

Should I remain silent

Should I let my feelings fall off its track

for your own gratfication that you are right

You think i dont see the distance in his eyes

Do you know how hard it is to love a man that gives no love in return

my arms reach out as I grasp air

for he is no longer there

the lines on my face keep aging

this woman wants to bare children

you think I dont know my future is empty

if i stay......................

One more time I hear a voice tell me that I have no respect for myself

I am going to lose it

my temper ......................

Up to now I have been pretty calm and coexistance in this cloud of love I have formed in my brain

How does one find a way out?

out of this confused state of make believe and brady bunch issues that are held within my heart

the truth remains a clear vision
a vision spray painted on the wall that he places btwn us

His words are engraved in my heart
" You need to be loved, You deserve to be loved"
yet I question his words to be false
For if his words are true
Why wont he say
I love you
He looked me in my eyes
softly spoken
"because I dont"

At that moment I felt as If a cold
.357 Magnum revolver
went straight to my head
he might as well have left me for dead

Im a POL
Prisoner of love
Im running at standstill
trying to get my life in order
Yet I sit and watch my dreams and journey
fade into his lost love of devotion
For all my energy he swallows as I continue to feed him unwanted love
as I wave goodbye to any peace and sereinty I once believed I embraced

The question is:
will my love for him out last

The love I have for myself?

Angel in Disguise

I have been getting many requests for this poem I have written in early 2009

Angel in Disguise
written By Melanie C. Jordan 2009....

Diverse conclusions brings one mind above the solo road once traveled
a guitar that once was played by callus finger tips now strums the strings
with a swift embrace; as the melody echoes sentiments of yesterday
She can taste the harmony that seeps through her pores
yet her willingness to shed her outer coating Is in tack with the hardness
the world devoutly rapt without a warning.
She struts without missing a beat and she felt the raft of the street
Head up high then waved goodbye
she spread her wings
she’s ready to fly
into the skies
You can see it in her eyes

Beat down to the pulp of her very core
raped of her innocence at the pure age of eight
she ran to escape
the devil carried her a distance away
The demons dug her an early grave
She fought face down and came out ok
With fire in her heart and a vengeance to live
You’ll find her now spreading some bliss
its her only survival kit
so watch as she struts
she won’t miss a beat she took the raft from the streets
Head up high then waved goodbye
she spread her wings
she’s  flying high
into the skies
You can see it in her eyes
she’s my angel in disguise

The Many faces of one woman

The Many faces of one woman
by Melanie C. Jordan

Many of you know me as a poet and some know me as an author to two poetry books. Some of you may know me as a co-author to a true crime story that I have written with a dear friend, around a year ago. I am known for my web deigning skills and my graphic designs.  No, no I am not bragging here, there is a point I am getting too.
I have been on many radio stations and did a voice over or two in New York City for commercials. Did someone say awards? Why, yes I have won many of those for my poetry. Looking Within is a poetry forum I use to run a while back. This great forum was created in 2005 and I ran in up till last year.
Now I am running Imagine, an online magazine that caters to comics, writers and all that fun stuff we all grown to love. Imagine was not my first magazine, I ran a magazine online called Imaginative Artisans in 2005. It lasted for a few months than some personal things in my life came up and, well, I put it to the side to collect my inner self and find my soul.
The point of this story is that there is so much more to me than meets the eye. Yes! I am creative and I love what I do, but I am also a person with a big heart and the love of people and their inner emotions. I always had in the back of my mind to write a book, to help other people find themselves. Yeah, yeah, I know there are tons of books out there dedicated to helping people. For that reason alone I stepped away from that idea and put all my heart and soul into Imagine.
The more I think about it, this may sound like bragging but this is not my true attention. I truly want to express I have a soul just like you and I feel just like you. I guess this story is about “me”, I just want to share a bit or two about me that many of you may not know.
I am a sweet heart, yet I am a Bitch. I have a way with people because I genuinely care.  I am, who I am, and what you see is what you get. Not one person that I encounter is treated or spoken too differently. I speak to you all the same way I would a family member. Many people have told me I must treat every person in my life differently. I know what they mean by that. My clients that I work with should be held into a different category than my family and friends. However that is not me.
Life is too short to play different roles of personalities. I understand when it comes to business, especially with Imagine that things should be dealt with professionally. Let me tell you, I handle things to the best of my abilities. I’m doing something I enjoy. I’m having fun meeting creative people and learning and growing from the people I meet.
Well, I guess this is the end of my little story. Whatever point I was trying to make, I hope you got it.
Oh, get ready ,for I am going to start using my blog for more personal writings and poetry.