Friday, January 22, 2010
This was written 2007
by Melanie C. Jordan

Justifications of dark expiations
isolations of flesh on flesh
cats in heat as we fuck btwn the sheets
Of my undesired fabrications of truth
this love that I disengage before every man that I straddle
I became lost in a devotion of tears
The Ocean opens up before me
leaves me drowning
gasping for air

Justifications that I conquer in my visions
Visualizing a man that truly respects a woman's soul
You see I'm a sensitive creature on the prowl
looking for a soul mate
not just a place to rest my head for a while
This needing desire to find my prince
has me bellowing within expiations
leaving this woman  feelings of loneliness

Drastic notions of gathering demons
Ejaculations of false statements leave me solo


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