POL: Prisoner Of Love

Friday, January 22, 2010
Writtin this piece in: October 31, 2007

Prisoner of love

captavated by his unloved ways
his countless invisiable gestures
leave me breathless


you cant undertand this love that radiates from my heart
you cant understand these bars that surround my soul
im lost in a merry go round
these circles have me going dizzy

im a lost soul
a lost soul of love
caged in these walls of lost devotion
You think I dont realize the loose ends of this love affair that I play solo
You think I dont realize the bridges I burnt
for his love

You think Im selfish

a Bitch

a cold hearted woman that cares for nothing more then his love

maybe your right

but whos to say whats right

Should I remain silent

Should I let my feelings fall off its track

for your own gratfication that you are right

You think i dont see the distance in his eyes

Do you know how hard it is to love a man that gives no love in return

my arms reach out as I grasp air

for he is no longer there

the lines on my face keep aging

this woman wants to bare children

you think I dont know my future is empty

if i stay......................

One more time I hear a voice tell me that I have no respect for myself

I am going to lose it

my temper ......................

Up to now I have been pretty calm and coexistance in this cloud of love I have formed in my brain

How does one find a way out?

out of this confused state of make believe and brady bunch issues that are held within my heart

the truth remains a clear vision
a vision spray painted on the wall that he places btwn us

His words are engraved in my heart
" You need to be loved, You deserve to be loved"
yet I question his words to be false
For if his words are true
Why wont he say
I love you
He looked me in my eyes
softly spoken
"because I dont"

At that moment I felt as If a cold
.357 Magnum revolver
went straight to my head
he might as well have left me for dead

Im a POL
Prisoner of love
Im running at standstill
trying to get my life in order
Yet I sit and watch my dreams and journey
fade into his lost love of devotion
For all my energy he swallows as I continue to feed him unwanted love
as I wave goodbye to any peace and sereinty I once believed I embraced

The question is:
will my love for him out last

The love I have for myself?


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