"Civil War 2099-2100" Coming to a Galaxy near you!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Heres something exciting for all you gamers out there, "CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY” will be releasing an expansion on December 24, 2009. Drum roll please, ok stop! The New expansion of the game is called, "Civil War 2099-2100". Tom Filsinger, President to Filsinger Games brings to the table one of the highest-selling, comic book writers in the industry.  You ready game fans?  It’s our one and only,”Brian Michael Bendis “.  Wait there’s more, Brian drawn 24 characters to be featured in the new expansion, “Civil War 2099-2100”.

 "Brian was a fantastic partner to work with," said game creator, Tom Filsinger."The newly enhanced versions of his card art bring a new       dimension to the work he did for the game."

Listen up all you COTG players and also to you new comers, which you know you can began to play COTG at any point of the game. Get ready for some slamming characters!

"This is a side of Brian Bendis most people have never seen and harkens back to the days when Brian was writing and drawing his own independent comic books." said Filsinger.

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