Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Tonight Tom Filsinger and I had a lengthy conversation.  We spoke about Stan lees book “Election Daze” , and other great things on the horizon. Our conversation came to a close. I decided to watch a video that Tom had recorded with his partner ,Stan Lee.  In the video they spoke about the new book Election Daze, had a contest and took questions.

Tom mentions that the photos in Election Daze are by award-winning, Capitol Hill photographer, Lauren Victoria Burke.  Filsinger’s Publishing then gave them to Stan Lee. They gave Stan hundreds of photos and Stan had,” some very witty remarks” for every photo. Tom explained how difficult it was to choose which gags go into the book.  Stan replied to this statement in a witty, nonchalant manner.  It was hysterical to hear the two of them interact. Tom holds himself in a professional manner. You clearly see he’s the business Guru of this operation. Stan Lee was just being Stan Lee as we know him.
The contest was fun, Tom and Stan had a picture of Barack Obama and they had everyone in the room come up with a gag. The winner received a signed copy of the book and an Election Daze pin.

When it came to the questions, Tom had everything covered. Stan lee was ready to take questions, as he looked out into the room for raising hands; Tom then stated he already has the questions.Throughout the whole video Tom was alert, and covered everything. He was sharper than an eagle’s eye. He’s on top of his game.  It’s no wonder Stan lee has partnered up with Tom, it’s obvious he’s an Ace of the trade.

Well, why are you still here reading? Go watch the video and see for yourself.
"Stan lee and Tom Filsinger are two pees in a pod"


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