What are they saying about Melanie Jordan as a writer and journalist?

Friday, January 22, 2010
What are they saying about Melanie Jordan as a writer and journalist?

"Working with Melanie was fantastic. As a journalist she came to the interview prepared and ready to get to the meat of the story. I found myself trusting her and finding her fair as well as very thorough. The resulting written interview was accurate and hit all of the points I made without a lot of fluff". – Artist, Chuck Carter

“So often I get interviewed by people who don't do the research, ask the same cookie cutter questions, and basically make me write the interview for them. Not so with Melanie Jordan, who does her homework and made my interview experience a great one.” –  Cartoonist, Chris Moreno

“I really enjoyed the interview and was incredibly impressed by your research”
-  Author and President to Filsinger games and Publishing,Tom Filsinger

“You Rock!”  - Screen writer, Jeff Vintar

“You asked me the best questions. I have always hoped a journalist would ask me these questions for a very long time but they never did. You are the best! You kept the interview short and asked the million dollar questions, It’s amazing how you write, you are truly SoulfulPen, it suits you perfect”
-  Artist, William Rivera

“Thank you for asking the questions that you asked. They are creative and interesting...not the same old generic ones...not that I'm complaining, mind you...I will gladly answer any questions that I am asked, but I particularly enjoyed yours! So on behalf of artists and art lovers everywhere...thank you! Your passion is a great gift to us”    - Artist, Marchella

“You are amazing! Stay Cool. Really good questions, no joke, your questions were very sincere”-Artist, Chor boggie

"I was honored to see such beautiful written work"
- Artist, Romero Britto

"I can't express enough how impressed I was with your written style"
- Artist, Sid Daniels

“I thought it was cool that you wanted to know what the symbolism was in my work. I usually get asked a vague general “what does it mean. Made me feel like you were genuine” – Artist, Steven Daily


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